Metal Roof Restoration

Restoring leaking and rusty metal roofs.

This system will restore and rehab old leaking, rusty metal roofs that would otherwise need to be replaced. These metal restoration systems are a fraction of the cost of tearing off metal or doing a metal overlay. These restoration systems can cost as little as 40% of the cost of replacing the metal metal.

This systems starts by having the metal roof pressure washed and then acid etched and rinsed. The roof is then primed with a rust inhibiting primer. All of the vertical and horizontal seams are then sealed with either a coating with fibers embedded in them or a coating and a fabric system. All loose fasteners are then replaced or retightened  and all of the fasteners are then caulked with a caulking compound. After all of the prep work is complete the roof is then coated with a reflective top coat. The top coats are available in multiple colors but most common choice is white.

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