Spray Foam Insulation in New Cabins on the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club

Last week, in the middle of August, Custom Roofing Solutions went NORTH to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to spray closed cell foam in new cabins at the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club in Engadine, MI.

The job was very similar to other new-build spray foam insulation work. Our crew sprayed 3 inches of spray foam in the stud cavities of the walls of the buildings. The builder installed cellulose insulation in the ceiling prior to our arrival and finished the raised ceilings. Our job included putting up plastic to protect the windows and ceilings as well as the shower, floor and all plumbing and electrical protrusions. Our expert foam team sprayed 3 inches (3”) of 2lb Closed Cell spray foam in the exterior walls and the gable ends. We checked with the builder before leaving the sight and filled in any low areas in the foam that we missed. The final inspection with the owner or builder is crucial because it allows them the opportunity to communicate what they want from us. This is the best way to ensure that both parties are happy with the condition of the completion of the job. This is a great system and will work well to supply energy efficient insulation in the buildings. Proper insulation is the key to climate control energy efficiency and will stand up against the harsh northern winters.

The cabins we installed spray foam in are being built as rentals to replace the old cabins that are available for rent on the club property. The new cabins, being built by Zeak Dewyse with Dewyse Construction, are larger than the original ones, complete with two bedrooms, a full bath, a kitchen, living area and a sunroom in the front. Custom Roofing Solutions has had a long-term relationship with Zeak and has worked on several projects with him over the years. The closed cell spray foam acts as a perfect insulation to completely close in the cabins and protect them from harsh northern winters. The efficiency of spray foam insulation makes the cabins a warm choice to use in the cooler months (which we Michiganders know, is a long season)!

Spray foam insulation trimmings clean up at the job at Hiawatha Sportman's Club
Great little helper at the jobsite!

Dan and Tom Warschefsky, the owners of Custom Roofing Solutions, have been going to the Hiawatha Sportsman’s club for nearly 3 decades. “Whenever we have a job at the club, I always ask Megan (Dan’s wife) if she wants to bring the kids up. They have so much fun camping and playing up here. Plus, I get to spend time with them even when I work out of town which is nice,” said Dan.

Spray foam insulation trimmings clean up at the job at Hiawatha Sportman's Club
Littlest help takes the job very seriously!

This trip did not disappoint. I packed up the kids’ things into the camper and we headed north with a small crew! I’m listening to the rain hit my camper’s awning as I type this post. Each day, my two toddlers and baby made lunches for the boys and delivered it to them on the side by side. Then in the evening each day before dinner, the kids and I loaded up again to check on the job and found ourselves helping clean up foam trimmings on the ground. My kids will learn how to work! You can see them in the image on the right as we work together to clean up the plastic and foam trimmings. My daughter is 4 and my son is two. My investment of time spent teaching them cleaning skills will hopefully pay off one day! This was a unique week and not something that were normally able to do. I rarely find myself having the time to bring the crew lunches or dinner. And we certainly have never shown up barefoot to a job before! Those small details made this a unique and memorable spray foam job.

Mom and two small kids cleaning up construction trash left over from the spray foam insulation installation completed by Custom Roofing Solutions in Engadine, MI.
A whole family of help! The spray foam trimmings can be a real mess after a job has been foamed and trimmed!

To find out more about renting the cabins, click here. You must be a club member or know a club member to make the reservation, but we couldn’t recommend this club MORE to anyone looking for a quiet place to get grounded and connect with nature. It’s been great fun for our families for decades now and there’s always fun things to do and places to explore!