Find A Commercial Roofing Company

Where to Find a Commercial Roofing Company

Let’s figure out where you can find a commercial roofing company to fix your roof.

Finding a Commercial Roofing Company

Remember, we’re talking about commercial roofing here. We focus our work on our strengths, which is commercial buildings. That includes flat roofs, sloped roofs, metal roofs – anything BUT shingles. Clearly there’s a few reasons for that, but the main one is because it simply isn’t what we’re set up for. So move along if you’re looking for a repair that involves that devilish word.

Michigan Roofing Companies

Alright, if you’re a building owner located in MICHIGAN, we can help you. We travel all over the state of Michigan to do commercial roofing, big or small. Established over 40 years ago (read more about that here), we now have a unique and extensive network of roofing companies in the state. We’re not idiots to the trade, so every time we run into something that we haven’t experienced before, we begin to dig into our network of experienced roofers across the state (and even the country if we need to) to find the answers we need. Sometimes getting the job done right requires more crews, equipment or knowledge. To conclude, Michigan is where we do our best work. That’s primarily where our resources and networks reside, although we do have the ability to work out-of-state.


Established in Williamston, Michigan, Custom Roofing Solutions (CRS) has numerous roofing projects that we completed in and around the small town. Check out our gallery for more photos on those projects!


Custom Roofing Solutions set up shop in Owosso in 2020. Stationed in Owosso, MI, our shop is across from Crest Pontoon on M52. We do have a few roofing projects that we’ve done in Owosso, and we always take off to a job from here. Perry, Webberville, Haslett, Okemos, Lansing, Flint, Howell, Brighton are a few of the surrounding areas, and areas where we have done projects in the past. Our goal is to establish ourselves as THE Commercial Roofing and Spray Foam Insulation Company of Owosso.

Commercial Roofing Across the State of Michigan

We work anywhere in Michigan, and have been on roofs across the state. To see more work that we’ve done, check out our gallery.

Commercial Roofing Across the Country

Although we’re established in Michigan, but remember that extensive network I mentioned? Our crews have work with other contractors doing spray foam installation in Missouri, and commercial roofing with Apex Industrial Roofing in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. In the end, don’t be afraid to ask if we’ll travel!


To end, that’s our company in a nutshell. Beginning in Williamston, moving to Owosso, covering the state of Michigan and working in other midwest and eastern states. Our specialty is commercial roofing in Michigan.