A Note to Contractors

A Letter to Contractors; 5 Ways to Make Money Together

If I could write a letter to other contractors in Michigan to let them know I’d like to work together, it would go something like this because I love working with other contractors. There’s an art to it and if you’re reading this you might think, well yeah of course you do, you have a lot in common. You both work in similar industries so you can probably get a long great. But would it surprise you if I told you that I’ve learned how beneficial this type of networking is even within my industry? I have loved working with people who run the EXACT type of company I do, offering some of the exact same services I do. Why? Because I learn from them. I can teach them.

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Dear Contractor…

And at the end of the day, we both just want to feed our families. So as long as we both make some money, there’s nothing to complain about. I have enjoyed working with companies like Midwest Urethane, Mid Michigan Spray Foam, Midwest Spray Foam, and American Metal Roofs, just to name a few. I’ve learned from these people. I’ve made money with these people. I’ve expanded my business thanks to these people (and many more). I know they’re people just like me with hopes, dreams and visions for their companies. When we work together, we’re both meant to make some money. So let me break it down for you (in case, you know, you happen to be a contractor who’s interested in increasing your business revenue). Not a foam guy or a roofer? Don’t run away, I have ideas for you too. Let me show you.

Dear Contractor (commercial/residential roofer, builder, framer etc.),

As a contracting company in Michigan (Owosso team, where ya at?), I know you’re busy in the summer and things slow down in the winter, even if only due to the harsh weather conditions. I have an idea for you that may help us both continue to make some money this “slow season.”

My Story

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My Story…

Hi, my name is Dan, and I own a commercial roofing company that specializes in providing quality roof coatings systems and spray foam insulation systems. In 2021, I bought the majority interest in my roofing company from my dad. He worked primarily on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. Since the buyout, I was able to grow our company by an average of $400,000 in revenue by expanding our work with other contractors.

I didn’t do that by leaving messes or treating my general contractors (GCs) like garbage. I did it through returning phone calls, addressing application concerns, maintaining a professional relationship with the homeowner whenever possible, and remaining flexible according to the GC’s schedule. I worked hard to provide a high-quality service that was satisfactory to the business who hired me. What I’m trying to say is there’s a lot of money to be made when we work together and I believe that I offer services you can confidently offer your clients, with the peace of mind that I’m going to work with you to get it done right, meeting your standards, and upholding the respect you deserve.

So how can this happen?

Ways I See Us Making Money Together


Commercial Roofing contractor applying roof coatings to a commercial roof with a roller.
Subcontract your Commercial Roofing

That’s kind of the obvious one so I won’t spend too much time explaining it because I know you’re already familiar with how it works. If you are a commercial roofing contractor, I can help make it possible for you to get the really big jobs done so you can have confidence to go after the big fish. You may already be set up to do coatings, let me help you get it done faster with an extra crew to get the job done and speed up your production rate. Of course, if the Good Lord has graced with you so much commercial roofing work you can’t keep up with, we can be that crew for you too. You can sell the work on a job and never touch it by simply subcontracting my crew to complete it for you. Now that sounds like easy money.

Roofing Insulation

Maybe, you’re already going to give a quote for a new commercial roof system. So why not give a quote for an insulation and coatings roof system too? It’s going to give your customers a more well-rounded service by giving them other options to consider, which they’ll appreciate. It also can’t hurt you, because (refer to Ways to Make Money Together point #1 above). You can still make money off the sale! Your customer will feel satisfied that they’re making a safe and economical choice that’s going to benefit their bottom line. That makes you look like GOLD and they’re going to tell their neighbors about you. See, I’m all about adding quality to good, already existing services.

Interior Spray Foam Insulation

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Add spray foam insulation to your list of services (then I’ll handle the work for you).

Spray Foam Insulation is the highest quality insulation that often times people who can afford it, choose it without hesitation. If you’re not already offering this as an option in your building quotes, you should.

There’s a few situations where spray foam is the best option for the space too, like vaulted ceilings or bonds. Having spray foam in your pocket as an option to give to your clients will make you more competitive in the industry, and I’m going to to make sure you’re satisfied with that service.

Cellulose Insulation

Another easy offer to give your clients is cellulose. Any time that you have to perform a complete roof tear off or work on the decking, is a key opportunity to install cellulose as insulation in the attic of the home or building. Cellulose is a great cost effective way to insulate a building because it’s one of the cheaper insulation systems. I am set up to vacuum out old insulation and install new. I can be in and out of the way of your job quickly and you can provide your customer with added value while making some more money on the job you’ve already sold. Everyone is happy.

Roofing Referrals

Each time you send me a simple lead, simple as in, someone who wants spray foam in a building or on a roof, or someone who needs their commercial roof looked at, and I get the job from that referral, I’ll send you a gift of thanks. Of course, when we begin a working relationship together, I can start to send my leads to you, too whenever applicable. And I’ll do it without any expectations of a Finder’s Fee – simply for the continuation of our working relationship.

Ending Notes

If this was a letter to contractors I would add an ending note asking you to call or email be back to talk more. I’d say, hey can I buy you lunch or maybe a beer? You should bring your contracting manager and/or your sales team. Let build a working relationship that makes us both some money.

But that’s all just if I could write a letter to contractors near Owosso, Michigan, who might be interested in working with me. For now I’ll settle for a wishful blog article and the rest of my work will have to be on foot.

Contact me: Dan Warschefsky; 517-898-9314 [email protected]