Who We Are

Custom Roofing Solutions is a  family owned, Michigan Commercial Roofing and Spray Foam Insulation company based in Owosso, MI. Providing value to our customers through the use of the best materials and practices available in Michigan is a top priority. Our spray foam systems provide the very best insulation available. The commercial roofing systems are lightweight, solar reflective, insulating, ecologically friendly and sustainable. Not to mention, our systems can even lower energy bills for both heating and cooling. The commercial roof systems are easy to maintain when needed and our warranties are renewable. We strive to learn and improve every day and provide the customer with the best outcome for their project.

The Start

Custom Roofing Solutions (CRS) was founded by Tom Warschefsky who is currently the Head of Sales. He started the company in 1977 working with acrylic coatings on flat and metal roofs. Over the years, Tom expanded from Metal Roof Specialists to Custom Roofing Solutions, LLC which he sold primary ownership to his son, Dan Warschefsky. Dan later married his wife, Megan Warschefsky, who works along side the father and son duo to provide technical support. Together, this team makes up the family owned small business.

Bringing On a Partner

Father and son duo, owners of the Michigan Commercial Roofing company named Custom Roofing Solutions.
Beginning partnership

Tom’s son Dan began his roofing career at the age of 4 when he shouted, “Hi Dad!” to his surprised father from the top of a 24’ ladder. In 2015, Tom brought on Dan as a partner. Together, with their team, they work to grow the business today.

Company Growth

CRS is looking to continually grow, expand and improve ourselves and our business. Tom leads the team in sales at the same time as Dan works to expand his network. In addition to working with construction businesses, Dan strives to network with Michigan commercial roofing and spray foam related businesses, too. In short, working with our competitors is one of the unique aspects about us that makes us uncommon amongst the Michigan commercial roofing industry. We strengthen our relationships with our competitors to improve the client experience when handling complex or large jobs that we otherwise couldn’t do alone. By expanding this network, we are also able to source the highest quality products available to use in our application services. In short, our goal is to become a trustworthy leader in Michigan Commercial Roofing.

Companies We Work With & Support

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Local Ad

Here’s a local ad we’ve run in Williamston, Michigan, explaining more about our services.